Tuesday, 9 October 2012

passionfruit eviction notice

There's been a very sad passionfruit vine living next to the carport from before we moved in. It's been longing for sunshine and space, but has been cramped up, in the dark, left to fight off another rogue vine from the neighbours garden.

No more! After Kym and I decided we wanted to make use of that section of the garden (more details to come), it was finally time to put the darn plant out of it's misery.

It's ok, I didn't kill it. I can't kill flies, let alone plants that I actually like (they don't talk back, like people and chickens). I pruned then moved it to the one-day-it'll-really-be-a living wall in the backyard. We've already planted a couple of other passionfruit vines back there, but one has already been eaten by cabbage moths (good thing it didn't cost much!) and I read that it's better that they be planted in pairs to help with cross pollination and improve the quality of the fruit.

It wasn't a very happy plant before the move, so I'm hoping that this will give it a new lease on life. (If not, there's still one to go and my fingers are crossed it shows some promise this spring!)

Here it is in the new abode:

Like all plants, this one's going to need a bit of time to recover from the move and take root before we see any real growth. I'm hoping, however, that this happens before another potentially steamy summer in little adelaide!

As for it's original home, here's some very average before and after shots to show how much larger the space feels now that the passionfruit and trellis are out of the way:

How about you- any adventures in the garden lately? Share your tales below :) 

Kate xx

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