Thursday, 16 August 2012

new life for old clothes: the moo moo strikes again

I read an article that stated there's about $46.7 billion worth of unworn clothes sitting in closets across the UK. Isn't that bizarre?

As a way to combat this statistic reaching little adelaide, a lovely group of ladies and I gather semi-regularly for clothes swaps. We each bring some money to donate to a chosen charity, bring all our unwanted and unworn clothes, homewares etc etc and swap away to our hearts content. Our clothes have second, third and fourth lives amongst the group. The clothes that aren't claimed in the swaps are taken to second hand stores and are sold on to raise money for charities.

At a recent swap, I found myself drawn to a couple of dresses for the fuller figured woman. I was determined to upcycle them into something cute that I could wear. After taking them both in (not as much as you'd think), I found a trusty belt and VOILA! Two "smock" style dresses and one happy camper

Awkward smile and pasty legs aside, not bad, eh?

I'm looking forward to some warmer months when I can wear them without the long sleeved top underneath and with legs slightly more tanned.

Have you upcycled anything lately? I'd love to hear about it (and see some nice links if you have a blog/pinterest account).

Kate xx


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    1. Thanks :) Now that warmer weather is on its way I can finally start wearing them!


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