Wednesday, 15 August 2012

wedding wednesday: wedding rings

When it came to our wedding rings, Kym and I knew we'd go straight to Ben at Utopian Creations, who designed and made my engagement ring. Utopian Creations is all about ethically made, beautiful jewellery, and Ben made us the most perfect rings: 

Like my engagement ring, our wedding rings have a story and journey of their own. The rose gold is 100% recycled from here in Australia. The gold and copper were recycled from all sorts of waste, electrical, old jewellery and industrial sources. They were refined back to their pure forms, then alloyed to make the 18k rose/red gold, 75% gold, 25% copper, that was then used to shape our rings. The tiny diamonds on Kym's ring are Australian ethically mined stones from Argyle in WA. They are certified by the Jeweltree Foundation as ethically mined and faceted. 

Pretty cool, huh! Kym and I love the rose/red gold finish, and mine looks fantastic next to the white gold of the engagement ring! I NEVER take them off... Even when I go to bed at night- is that weird? Are you a "leave your wedding/engagement ring on at all times" kind of person, have exceptions to the rule (shower, bed, dishes), or do you not wear yours at all? 

Kate xx

PS: Don't forget to swing by the Utopian Creations website to check out more of Ben's work... How I adore!!

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