Friday, 23 March 2012

it's that time again (for bowerbird bazaar)

Bowerbird Bazaar is back this weekend in a new location: The Stirling Angus Pavillion at the Wayville Showgrounds, Goodwood Road, Wayville SA (entrance off of Rose Tce). 

Here's a few things I recommend checking out:

Grandeliers: Designed and made in Tasmania with sustainable local wood, these amazing flat-packed Grandeliers are fun and stunning! I'm dying to get my hands on some of the Genie designs to sit above our dining table.... A few of the Grandeliers double as lamp shades and I have my eye on another for a reading nook! For more info click here.

Hoop via Who Did That

Genie 1 Bump via Who Did That

Mucke: Amazing sustainable clothing designs for those of us that love thinking outside the box. Ellie Mucke designs and makes clothing lines where she brings new life to old clothes, changing their form and purpose. Ellie is passionate about making clothes that we can play and interact with, and after drooling over a concept she showed myself and my shopping buddy when we first arrived, we returned to gush over it and decide on a purchase. Step into Ellie's world here.


Sustainable Stubbies: Ruth Allen upcycles glass bottles (at this point it's mostly beer bottles, but is expanding into spirits and on her way to the jewellery market. I love her range. It makes me feel good about drinking beer. Find out more here.

Mix & Match set via Ruth Allen's online shop

There were so many more stalls to tell you about, but that's all you're getting from me. You'll have to head to Bowerbird to see it all for yourself.

Kate xx


  1. I love those gorgeous beer bottle vases!

    1. I know! Kym just had his birthday, but I'm thinking of getting him something from the collection for next year.

  2. I'm so disappointed I didn't get to go this year, some chick decided to have her hens day/night party on the same weekend! The nerve! (just jokin!)
    I really love the first grandelier! Wish I had my own house to decorate!

    1. Ugh the nerve! I LOVE it too... I'd really like to buy one for the office or guest room (in the hope that one day it will look like a guest room and not a junk room!)


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