Friday, 23 March 2012

before and after: new colour for country garden table setting

Hi lovelies,

Remember this chair?

Despite the fact that many friends told me it looked like a toilet (which is fair enough, but not what I was really going for), I'm here to share the next installment. I found the above chair in a hard rubbish scramble before we moved into our lovely home. When we moved in, my grandparents gave us two more (working) chairs and a table that matched! Magic! So, the plan was to paint them all up nice and pretty and put them in the front yard for a quiet place to sit (with the chair above adding a little "make believe" feel to the party setting... the plan was that the lavendar would grow so it stopped looking so toilet-like).

We still don't have that lawn, but I am much closer to my "mad hatter picnic setting" than I was back in September- the table and other chairs are now painted and mismatched like candy and carnivals. Here's how it went:

I moved the 2 chairs and table into the back yard for the painting process (this was in the Christmas break... I told you in January that I had been working one some projects... we're finally at a point where I can show you results!). In the process, one of the chairs lost a leg. Woops. Lucky for me I know people who know people. Long story short, Mr Kendelle's Dad fixed it up and I got it back last week (thanks Mr Kendelle's Dad!).

Meanwhile I got to painting the table and remaining (non-broken) chair:

I finished painting the returned soldier last night (with leg bolted back on... thanks again!) and may have experimented with some colour on a goblet we had lying around (thinking of using a set of these for the wedding)...

And here's what we've got:

 I can't wait to see them gossiping in the front garden on some lush green lawn... I might have to hang some tea cups to add to the effect!

What do you think? Do you like the bold colour or are you a traditional white lover?



  1. LOVE the colour!!! I can imagine even more furniture & colours - WOW!!

    1. Thanks! I'm all excited now to paint lots of other goodies in some bright colour. Am already concerned that I could wind up with a bit of an addiction!

  2. Loved seeing these! Would love to see them in the garden with tea cups! Yay for rainbow colours! Boo to white! hahaha


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