Monday, 26 March 2012

before & after: scarf storage fix it

I've had a wardrobe problem for a while now. The root of the problem is a love for scarfs, but instead of addressing the addiction I decided to address the storage of said scarfs. They've been living in an old suitcase in my wardrobe since we moved in, with hats and belts galore. The problem is that the suitcase was overloaded and I could never find anything. Here's what I was looking at: 

And here's what I did: found myself an unused tea towel rack in the shed and bolted it in to the wardrobe. Done in 15 minutes, even with my clumsy hands.

Here's what I'm looking at on the wardrobe floor now. Not perfect, but better! The next challenge will be figuring out an easy way to store all my hats.

What have you been getting up to around the house lately?


  1. much better! wowsers do you wear all those hats? Also I don't think you have a scarf problem, so handy in Winter to have a new look every day of the week instead of the same scarf day in day out :)

    1. ... I'm ashamed to say I never wear any of the hats... but I love them so and I'm just not quite ready to give them away! If only I were cooler and could pull the hat-look off! ;)

  2. That's cool, I should do something similar, I have lots of scarves...

    1. I highly recommend it! In the last week I've been inspired to wear a different one each day, because now I can actually find them!


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