Wednesday, 19 October 2011

wedding wednesday: the engagement party

Well. That was a BIG weekend. And I mean BIG. After having a too-late-but-it-was-worth-it Friday night with Kym's lovely family (almost to be mine too!), we had our engagement party Saturday night. A few people missed out due to sickness, which made me a little sad to start with, but the night was fantastic and we felt truly blessed to have so many wonderful, generous friends. We had the party a Cafe Komodo in Prospect, which was absolutely perfect for us. All their furniture is vintage and they played awesome old-school tracks. They also cooked up some amazing food (lots of which was vegetarian, great for myself and a number of our friends) and had yummy local wines. 

On Sunday we celebrated for lunch with the family (both of us have elderly grandparents, so it made more sense to hold a separate, more intimate gathering where they could hear and stay awake!). Yum. Yum. Yum. AAAAAAGGGGGHHHH peppermint tea and nanna naps!

So sending a massive hug and thank you to both our parents for helping on the night, the insatiable Megan for the cake, brownies and lolly bags (you took a half-arsed effort on our part and made it extra special) and Erin, Greg, Jez & Meri for coming from interstate for the occasion. 
  • While we'd all love to be DIY goddesses, in some cases the pride isn't worth the stress. There's always somewhere out there that will fit your budget and your values.
  • Cutting the bar tab does not make you a cheapo. People don't expect you to pay for everything yourself and are quite willing to contribute. 
  • When choosing a venue, look for something that requires minimal effort: Cafe Komodo is gorgeous on it's own so we knew we wouldn't have to worry about "dressing it up". This was perfect.
  • Give someone close to you the role of feeding you for the night. While my guests chowed down, I was so busy welcoming and fare-welling everyone that I didn't eat a thing! By the end of the night, Kym and I were starving! (Note to self: priorities eating at the wedding...) 

What worked well at your engagement? What would you change? What have you enjoyed at other's engagement parties?

Kate xxx


  1. I love Cafe Komodo SO much, one of my favourites :-D

  2. it was a really lovely party!! (even if it wrecked me for the next day!)

  3. Sound like it was a great weekend sweet. I'm so sad I missed it. Xxxxxxxxx

  4. Was a great party Kate! Thank you for putting on a lovely occasion! Well thanks Kym for asking Kate to marry you so we could have lots of excuses to have parties! Yes great idea about finding somewhere that is already awesome, who wants to worry about decorating and spending time and money on that! I enjoyed the service at Cafe Komodo they were lovely and the platter was awesome. Thanks for letting us bring bubba. Sounds like you had a lovely day on Sunday.

  5. Thanks Ladies :) Laura I'm so sorry it wrecked you for a day- I was VERY impressed with your endurance with the pregnancy!


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