Friday, 21 October 2011

another happy cupboard

Remember this post? Well, I've been at the "organising my life through my kitchen" business again and mastered another cupboard makeover.

It all started when (once again) we couldn't close our kitchen drawer that held our glad-wrap and became sick of the long walk out of the kitchen to find a clean tea towel. I got my trusty Toyota (sewing machine) and with some scraps of material crafted another cupboard door-hanger to store a few things. Like the original masterpiece, this hanging is staying put with a few screws (enter semi-flat drill and fight with manual screw driver). Here's the beauty in action:

... and the kitchen drawer now filled with tea towels (this is the first time since we moved in that we've had room for tea towels in the kitchen)

There. All tidy!

It's amazing what you can do for free!

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