Monday, 17 October 2011

oh foggo! (wine the old fashoined way)

Mid Century Amethyst Glass Decanter Wine Flask Hand Blown Porron SPAIN
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This place is the shiz.

Every wine hits the mark. Every single one. And all for really reasonable prices. It's all made using traditional methods (so the woody taste isn't an additive and the bubbles aren't carbon).

The owners are honest and approachable, have so much knowledge and are super duper passionate about what they do. Like many small wineries, they don't use the same nasty chemicals and preservatives that larger wineries often do.

If you live in little adelaide, or if you're planning to travel here, visit Foggos. I heart them like babies heart primary colours and soothing voices. Aside from buying local (and direct from the makers- much more ethical than purchasing from Woolworths/Coles owned liquor stores) and supporting a small business with strong ethical values, you'll get high quality wine for a (more than) decent price.

Foggo's aside, I can't tell you enough how important it is to support local farmers and small business in your area. Whatever your "drink", take a moment to look at the options for purchase. Organic and pesticide free wine is becoming more and more popular and affordable, and it's likely that you can find something from your state for a reasonable price (even in the larger liquor stores).

Please note I wasn't paid to post this or asked to write it! It is truly out of my love for the wine and the ethics of the company! 

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