Monday, 12 September 2011

vegetable garden update

Earlier in the year Kym and I bought three raised garden beds, which I had intended to keep you informed about. In reality, there has been a little less informing and a little more purposeful silence. I was waiting until something really impressive happened, and finally the time has come:

We have rocket, bitches!

Apologies for the aggression, I'm just a little excited that we are finally seeing some fruits (well... vegetables) from our labour. (We also have amazing baby spinach and parsley, with a bit of a green-leafy theme)

So far this is what I've learnt: 

  • Deal with issues as they come, instead of avoiding and wishing them away.
  • Cabbage moths don't just go away on their own. You need to take them off one. by. one. until they are all gone and THEN you need to aggressively spray every inch of your garden bed with chilli/garlic water and hope for the best.
  • Weeds will keep growing unless you pull them out. (Note to self: weeds like neglect, veggies do not)
  • Soil won't fertilise itself. You have to keep adding goodness to it. 

The satisfaction of growing your own veggies makes the pain of cabbage moth worth it. Even if I did throw them in my kitchen bin only to find them crawling around the kitchen for the next week. Slight lack of foresight on that one. 

I'm psyching myself up for spring planting and considering severely 'pruning' the broccoli which has gone to flower in a bid for a miracle second round before the weather warms too much (did you know broccoli flowers turn bright yellow and are not nearly as pretty as they are if you pick them when you should to begin with?).

So... what's been happening in your garden lately?

Kate xx


  1. cool veggie news!! We popped some spring crops in yesterday - some tomatoes, eggplant, peas, cucumber & chilli. exciting times!!

    I read a great tip the other day (haven't tried yet) of dusting with a 50/50 of baking soda & flour to get rid of cabbage worms

  2. Oooh I'm going to have to try that one next time! I just found some curl leaf on our peach tree but luckily knew what to spot this year so think I'm onto it! Such a process learning all these tricks! xx


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