Saturday, 17 September 2011

15 minute chair makeover

We all know I love a bargain and an opportunity to show off my gift for making something out of nothing. Today I'm proud to report a new success story!

A few months before we moved into our home a friend and I were (shhhhh) hard rubbishing when we came across a broken English-cottage-garden-style white iron chair. Despite better judgment (and Kym's pleas) I have had it sitting in the back yard for over three years, waiting for the right project - and the right moment - for a transformation. 

before:  lovely white chair.... sans seat

After consulting the team (you) in March this year, I decided I definitely wanted to paint it and place it in this corner of the garden:

before: a chosen site- bottom corner of the garden

I had a little paint left from a previous project and got to work. It took 10 minutes and the remainder of the paint can to get to this:

The next day I stuck it back in the corner of the garden with my beloved lavender bub and voila!

Just for fun, here's a cute hipstamatic pic:

Quick and FUN project that's brought a little kitsch to the garden :) 


Kate xx

PS: I didn't sand down the previous layer of paint, my only prep was a quick clean of the chair. While I could have gone to a lot more effort (or even spent 10 minutes on a second layer of paint) I quite like the idea of changing the colour every now and then, and am also looking forward to a bit of a wear-and-tear look.


  1. Lovely! Can't wait to see it with the lavender growing out through it, will look awesome!

  2. lol thanks (yes readers, I realise it looks a little like a toilet now, but in 6 months the lavender will look great!!) xx


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