Tuesday, 9 August 2011

bookie bookie book... have a lookie lookie look....

While I was perusing the main street of Katoomba with my aunt and mum (in the Blue Mountains) I found the most adorable little herb book, Culpeper's Complete Herbal: Over 400 Herbs and Their Uses, by Nicholas Culpeper. It lists many (400, in fact!) herbs and their medicinal uses. Very cool. So far I've learnt that chewing on a few cumin seeds after a garlic-heavy meal removes the garlic-breath issue!

Culpeper's Complete Herbal: Over 400 Herbs And Their Uses
picture via Amazon

I'm sad to say, however, that despite the cute factor and useful facts, it's not very user friendly, as it's sorted in the alphabetical order of the herbs, not their uses (which I found a bit strange seeing as this is the main purpose of the book!). It also doesn't feature a number of health issues I'd like to see.... lets put them under the giant umbrella of lady problems. Finally, it was written and published in London, so there are some herbs listed that are uncommon in Australia (and doesn't list some that are common here).

All this aside, the book is adorable and I'm glad I bought it. It's motivating me to grow herbs at a whole new level...

Any books you've been loving lately?


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  1. the herb lady :)
    i wish he ate herbs... sigh
    gorgeous looking book - you might get used to the layout :)


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