Saturday, 13 August 2011

someone smells... lovely

Ok, ok, I admit it. It's me. I smell great. And it's all thanks to Lush Aromarant deodorant.
Photo via Lush website
As someone with a slight paranoia about the human smell, I can say wholeheartedly that I was pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of this natural deodorant option. It's a block which works by applying a layer of oils to the skin that inhibit nasty body smells. I can tell you that while I wouldn't use it on a hot summers day or during exercise (if I were to exercise) it does the job well for a day in the office or general weekend outings. The smell is gentle and citrus/sandalwood-y, and it goes on the skin easily.

I've also tried the body crystal roll on deodorant, which is not an antiperspirant (I didn't read the label well and found out the hard way), but again is fine for office days and quiet weekends. I'd probably pick the Aromarant bar over the crystal roll on simply because I found the Aromarant scent more pleasant.

Why try natural deodorants? For one you're not putting nasty chemicals into you or the atmosphere. My other reason is from knowing a couple of people with cancer, who once they were diagnosed, were advised by doctors to stop using regular chemical deodorants, particularly antiperspirant ones because of a link with cancerous cells. I haven't done any research on this topic, but it's enough for me to reconsider my obsessive need to reapply on a summer's day.

So there you have it. It's possible to smell lovely without using chemicals you can't pronounce!


  1. would love to check these out on Monday :)

  2. ha, you crack me up, you sound like me, 'if I were to exercise'


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