Monday, 8 August 2011

the happiness files: time and space

Hello lovelies,

My apologies for the leave of absence... I still haven't finished reading the book, but I do miss you so I'm resisting my obsession and stepping back into the real world (clothes washing, house cleaning and -thankfully- this little blog).

It's been a while since I've posted a happiness file, because the last couple of Monday's I've been out of action on some sweet mini-breaks. To fill you in:

The first weekend, Kym and I roadtripped to Melbourne. We went to the Melbourne Design Market. It was lovely to see some designers that hadn't yet ventured to little adelaide. We also went to a 30th birthday gig (our reason for the trip), which was fabulous. We went to an AFL game, which was... less than fabulous. (I have vowed never to go again, however if I do, I will have to be drugged or restrained to ensure I don't pick a fight with any burly men for their offensive language around children. Really.)

The second weekend I visited family in the Blue Mountains. It was slow paced and filled with food, gossip and stunning views. I loved spending quality time with my aunt, uncle and cousin, who I don't see often because of the distance. I always leave conversations with my aunt feeling inspired to pursue my passions and think about the things that are really important. It was just the push I needed to confirm my move to part time hours at work (thus today I will be working on a couple of e-books and articles to send to publishers... yes about creative and ethical living). Today I am the little engine that can and will.

So.... back to my happiness file. I've had a number of people ask me about the experience of dropping hours at work and changing to part time. In short, it has been absolute bliss. I didn't realise how much my job was impacting on my mental and physical health until I slowed down. I'm feeling calmer, confident and capable to deal with dilemmas at work (of which there are many) and have energy and clarity about my personal life. Every Monday, my home becomes a private temple where I have the time and space I need to exhale the week that has been and prepare myself for the week ahead. I'm finding I'm much happier 'out of the game'. That's not to say I won't pursue 'higher' positions in the future, but I do suspect I will have a close eye on my work-life balance- which, I suppose, is exactly what this experiment in creative and ethical living is about. I can't recommend highly enough giving yourself the extra day to look after yourself.

Time and space brings a whole new perspective.

What's in your happiness file today?


  1. OMG how good does that scone look, gorgeous photo of the kitty! meooooooooowwwwwwwww.
    Sad you didn't enjoy a live game of AFL, I quite enjoy going with Mick.
    I'm glad you are feeling...'satisfied' (is the word I can think of at this moment) with your decision to go part time it sure is a good one. I'm wondering how you went with your e-book today? Super excited for you!

    My happiness files is getting my laundry tub for my garden and my cabinet today:)

  2. Was sooooooo yummy! E-book did not happen, but I drafted a few articles and did some serious home organisation, so was still very happy with what I achieved!

  3. How funny - Biggles actually looks like a normal cat here - pity he really is a SUMO CAT.

    It means alot to know I inspire you, but it goes in circle because your Nana and your mum are the ones that inspired me to follow my dreams and not give up no matter what life throws at you.

    I read an amazing quote today.....

    "Believe that in order for a person to experience happiness, fulfillment and peace, he/she needs to know two things: Who they are and Who they are meant to be".

    You my talented niece are suppose to share the gift you have and WRITE !!!!!

    Luv you
    Aunty Tracy (alias puppy enabler)

  4. love the quote and THANKS xxxxxxxxx PS Biggles just needs to be shot from his good side.. the top!

  5. thanks for the uplift


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