Sunday, 17 July 2011

sunday stitching

Hello lovelies,

What have you been up to this wintery weekend? Yesterday was my birthday and I had brunch with the fam, followed by a movie and dinner date with Kym. It was perfectly low key for this under-the-weather chicken.

Last night, Kym came down with my cold and after all my excitement from yesterday, I've been feeling icky too. We decided to skip the farmers markets for this week and, other than some quick grocery shopping (and a rash dishwasher purchase) we've been sitting in our nice warm home, maxing out all the gas heating and fleecy clothing we have.

I gave myself a mini project to force myself to relax. It's similar to the mug stitch that I showed you a while back. I love the idea of mixing material, stitching and paint to create some unique art, but am still trying to work on my sewing skills before I jump in too deep!

And yes, it is living on the circle wall!

Post links to your own craftiness below. I'm keen to see what you're all up to!

Kate xxx

PS: Kym gave me the Women's Weekly "BAKE" cookbook for my birthday... I can not wait to start experimenting with recipes!


  1. Happy birthday gorgeous. Can't wait to see you and show you the quirky side of the mountains xxxx luv aunty trace

  2. looks gorgeous lovin your circle wall too!
    Happy Belated birthday! I am slow blog catching up :)
    Awesome pressie from Kym! Isn't that a MEGA cookbook?


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