Monday, 18 July 2011

the happiness files: red, red wine

I love a good glass of red wine. I'm not telling you this to back myself into a corner or admit alcoholism, so don't go making any rash calls to my parents or AA (my parents already know and I don't like people enough to join a group). 

I am blessed to live in a country and a state that makes ah-mazing wine. Kym and I regularly visit our local wine region, McLaren Vale, to suss out the tiny, undiscovered family wineries hiding behind long country roads of vines, vines, vines. 

For those in South Australia (or those considering travelling here) may I recommend Foggo Wines. It is by far, the best wine I have tasted anywhere (and you can trust me because I have tried a lot of wine). May I also recommend Bella Cosa. I celebrated my birthday there two years ago and it is still the best party I've ever had. With wine and tapas on constant supply, we worked on a group painting (supported by the resident artist to ensure we didn't wind up with something too brown).  

my birthday crew at bella cosa

A good glass of red wine is exactly what I want at the end of a long week, or over some soft cheese and conversation with a good friend. 

What's in your happiness file today?

Kate xxx

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  1. love McLaren Vale! will have to check out these wineries! Oh there's so much to see in SA!
    Can't believe that particular bday was 2 years ago... time flies. Red wine is also especially good in winter when you've had too much tea (a diff option to warm your insides)


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