Monday, 20 June 2011

the happiness files: old buildings

Old buildings. Love them. For a short time while I was studying, I lived with a friend in an elderly building who  was starting to fall apart. We called her Edith. You could smell coffee coming through cracks in her walls when you were in the bathroom! I adored her.

I love our home, but I constantly find myself collecting antique nick-nacks and photographs in a bid to surround myself with stories of history.

While in the city on Saturday, I walked the east side of Grenfell Street and found a line of lovely old buildings. It was absolute bliss for this amateur photographer!

find me on flickr!

What's in your happiness file today?

Kate xxx


  1. ohhhhhhhh you know what I think about old buildings! Lovely photo Kate! I was trying to take some macro photos of a very similar old fire thing in the Port but, I didn't get many that I liked.
    I'm heading over to Flickr to look at your photos. Come to think of it I had an account ages ago when I had myspace to make my pics have a html code I wonder if I still have an account?
    ANYWAY loving your art motivation lately! AWESOME!

  2. Thanks Neen :) Definitely encourage you to get on board with Flickr. It's a great way to promote your art with a community that are already tuned in and as passionate as you. xx

  3. We have gorgeous buildings in Adelaide. Great shot Kate.


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