Saturday, 18 June 2011

french toast [nom.. nom.. nom....]

Hello lovelies,

How was your Saturday? Mine has involved vacuuming, photographing, hot-chocolate drinking and chit chatting with some sweet adelaide bloggers. But before all of that, my day started with french toast.

This is a new and very welcome discovery. As I choose not to eat meat, it is really important for me to ensure I get enough protein and energy for my day. While I can rock legumes with the best of them, when it comes to breakfast, the answer is generally eggs.

Problem: I have some serious bones with eggs. Eggs are slimy. Eggs taste weird. Eggs give you bad breath (trust me). Egg smell lingers in our home for at least 12 hours. every. single. time. I. cook. them.

The only eggs I can currently stomach are of the poached variety. Generally I start off enjoying them, but by the end of the meal, I'm sworn off for the next week.

Enter french toast.

I started cooking french toast a couple of months back as a way to trick myself into eating more eggs, and I am happy to announce, it has worked! Most Saturdays I crack a couple of eggs, beat in some spices and voila! Protein in the body of a carb. [Nods head in "Eggs, I am far superior to you" manner]

Here's how it turned out this morning:

I will master the art of food photography... I will! 
Yum. Oh.

For those who are interested, here's how I made it happen:

  • Beat two eggs, four half-egg-shells of milk*, a big shake of cinnamon & nutmeg & a generous spoon of grated lemon rind in a bowl
  • Soaked two slices of bread (and one for good luck) in egg concoction for 20 mins
  • Melted nice wad of butter in pan and fried bread on medium until golden on each side
  • Topped with homemade plum jam & biodynamic plain yogurt

*after breaking eggs, I pour milk into the shells for measurement. I got this idea from Kym. he swears the best way to measure milk for scrambled eggs is to pour half a shell for each egg. It works every time.

Like I said. Yum. Oh.

Any tricks up your sleeve for hiding eggs?

Kate xxx


  1. A lady at my craft group gave me a good idea for eggs, Evie & I have had it for lunch alot. Make some toast. In a bowl mix together 1 egg with a variety of the following
    - grated cheese
    - tomato sauce
    - worcestershire sauce
    - baked beans
    - bacon
    ... etc
    slop onto the toast & pop under the griller till cooked - yum!

  2. hmmm like it. hide eggs like they are vegetables... hmmmmm

  3. I love eggs! Especially omlettes mmmmmm
    but I do like french toast!
    What a fabulous idea from Kym about measuring the milk! Tip of the day I say!


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