Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Before & After: Childhood Toy Box

I have been working on this toy box for the last three four years. It was my mothers when she was a child, and was handed down to me. When I was very young it was painted cream. In my early home-reno days (I was 12) I painted it the sea green colour you see on the lid in the first picture, with sea shapes to match my then quilt cover (which, yes, came with dolphins and a sunset).

Four years ago I started sanding back the layers of paint in attempt to restore it to a point of beauty. But I am easily distracted. So It remained, half sanded until 18 months ago when I decided something (anything) had to be done. I finishd sanding back the paint from the box itself (but never bothered with the lid) and used an aerosol can and a lace tablecloth to get a pattern going.

Only problem was that once it was painted I didn't love the colour. Kym tells me it is staying that way because I ruined a tablecloth and got paint everywhere.... he really doesn't understand the artists vision.

In yet another attempt to organise our home, I pulled it out into the family room. I bought some cheap fabric from the salvos and tacked it on the lid (mustard is a colour I'm going to carry through the house).  

I still haven't attached the lid to the box, but at least it is starting to look better. Every time I walked past it yesterday I thought "Gosh, I really don't like this", but after a bit of wine and sleep I've woken up with a special spot of love for the new look. I think as the room is organised and the colours are used more throughout the home it will look more like it belongs.

In other exciting news: Proof that I am not a complete plant savage. A cutting lives! And flowers!

Kate xxx


  1. i love the purple colour! hehe love Kym's verdict - I'm glad you found something to use the 'lace stencil' on :) I bought some lace from op shop not long ago cheap!
    Loving your new blog look! You HAVE been busy haven't you! xx

  2. Thanks Janeen :) Well... looks like you'll have to 'stencil' something yourself!! I think if there is a way to spray material friendly paint onto cotton, you could get some beautiful pillows for the couch... hmmmm


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