Thursday, 28 April 2011

out of the woodwork


This is our old TV cabinet (which, interestingly, was never used for our TV).

Wednesday last week I butchered it with a hammer. In my defence I had just been terribly insulted and was coming down with an ear infection.

Determined to prove to Kym (or was it myself?) that my butchering was justified, I went about creating new and better things out of the old wood.

I attempted to make Kym a planting table for the back yard, but with said ear infection, it was all just a bit too much, so I gave up.

I did manage, between reading, whining and popping pain killers, to make this.

A box. A wooden box. To store wood. To the left. Which I wood-worked myself. Yes I did.



Proud as.

Anything exciting come out of your tantrums lately?

Kate xxx


  1. nawwwwwwwwww Kate I don't like hearing you've been terribly insulted!

    but I do like how you tried to use it to be creative! Looks better! Now what did you do with the rest of the wood? lol

    I've made nothing with my tantrums apart from tears and tea!

  2. Tea is always a good thing. I'm making another box with some of the scraps to keep newspaper etc in for the other side of the fire.... Am also dreaming up a planting table for Kym, but I suspect that will require more skill!


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