Sunday, 24 October 2010

Environmentally friendly home cleaning in little adelaide!

Last Thursday we had our carpets cleaned for the first time since moving in two-and-a-half years ago (procrastinate much?). I was really keen to find someone who would use environmentally friendly cleaning products and avoid harming ourselves and the environment. I assumed this would be a difficult feat in little adelaide, but alas, it was easier than I thought!

I looked up companies selling environmentally friendly cleaning products in SA via The Green Pages, made just one call and was put onto Tony, owner of Dry Bright Cleaning. Tony was able to fit me in within a few days and spent Thursday afternoon talking me through the cleaning process as he worked his magic on our neglected carpets. 

I must admit that I had my doubts that orange oil and hot water would make any real difference on any of the nasty stains inflicted on the carpet. All my doubts were put firmly in their place. The cleaning products, along with the thorough process Tony uses, removed even the harshest of stains, including coffee, red wine and sunscreen! Toward the end of the cleaning process, Tony showed me the 'muck' coming from our carpets (gasp!) and kindly assured me he had seen worse (sweet!). I even learnt the previous owner had a cat which loved sitting by the bedroom window! 

If you live in little adelaide and are looking for someone to clean carpets (or car interiors, or scotch-guard couches...) I can highly recommend Dry Bright. Not only did the job get done, but Tony took the time to educate me through the cleaning process. You can call them on 08 8251 1223 or check them out on True Local.

For those in Australia, don't forget to check out The Green Pages before making any purchases.

Kate xxx


  1. Does this mean you can no longer point out the red wine stain I so regretfully made on the living room carpet?!?!

    Awesome!! :-D

  2. That's right :) Now I can tell you where the stain WAS and how lucky I am that the cleaning worked!

  3. I really love the fact you found out that there was a cat that used to sit near the window lol... EEK! GASP! lol... oh Kate!
    Didn't even know Green Pages existed! I like your blog I'm starting to learn lots from you chicky!
    Oh man I just bought cans of scotch guard for my couch! Alas, I will in future use the green pages for researching such needs.


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