Sunday, 24 October 2010

MarionLIFE Markets

Yesterday MarionLIFE Community Services held their second community market and I shared a stall with friends from a quilting group. The markets have already grown dramatically since the first (held in Autumn this year) and had a beautiful mix of arts, crafts, clothes, jewellery and second-hand treasures. There was acoustic music, people dressed as tomatoes and the best samosas I've eaten in a long time.

Our stall was a mix of old clothes & books, half finished quilting projects, fabrics, jewellery, buttoned ornaments and my very own CD coasters (previously CD magnets, until I gave up on the magnet part). It was nice to rid myself of some of the books that have done nothing but collect dust for the last few years. The nicest part of the day was being surrounded by friends and likeminded people for a bit of chatting and crocheting. Well, that and the free muffin from the lovely Winen sisters.

The next MarionLIFE community markets are on 9th April 2011. Stick it in your calendar!

Kate xxx


  1. I love the old polaroid effect of your photos :)

  2. Thanks honey :) It's all courtesy of Hipstamatic via my iphone... love!


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