Thursday, 28 October 2010

Give Series, Week 4: Time to Give!

Welcome to Week 4, the FINAL week of the Give Series! In the first week of our journey, we looked at a dictionary definition of ‘give’ and compared this to our existing understandings. In the second week we reflected on our thoughts about giving in the context of personal values. Last week we busted four ‘giving myths’.

Here are some of the things I have realised…
  • I value generosity. When I look at giving through this lens, I find it much easier to make my own choices about when I give and also when I stop giving.
  • Giving is a choice each and every time. This means I will never give out of obligation again.
  • I am blessed. By reflecting on my own giving I have become more aware of the generosity around me.

Where to from here? I think I have done enough talking on this topic for a little while. But, before I go here are a few challenges to expand your giving-thinking.
  • Get yourself a giving mantra.
  • Shake up your giving. Use a giving language you wouldn’t normally speak.
  • Give to something (or someone) that can’t thank or give back (try gardening!)
  • Give anonymously.
  • Give spontaneously.
  • Just start giving!

How has your giving-thinking changed? Any new freedoms? Hints?

Kate xxx


  1. I hope you drew that balloon pic Kate! ;p

    Hmmmm... I like you're giving thinking tips

    I would like to add one - if you are an excellent giver, like my mum is, sometimes you have to also learn to be a gift receiver - she nevers wants you to give back just wants to give give give but I would also like the choice of giving (not from obligation but to do something good/nice/special/helpful) too. I am using mum as an example because she is doing alot for me at the moment and I wanted to contribute monetary wise and she wouldnt let me even though she was broke (I knew).
    So people if you are approached by a lovely giver who would like to give, accepting the giving makes the giver feel good! But if you are a chronic giver - then you also need to give other people the chance to give too.
    Not sure if I'm making any sense to anyone!

  2. Hey lovely, totally makes sense to me :) I think that sometimes in giving out of our generosity toward others we forget we need to be generous to ourselves- this includes letting ourselves receive too!


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