Wednesday, 22 January 2014

the best kind of pot belly: painting behind our fireplace

I've got it again. The wood-panelled-wall-itch. It was this time last year that I painted our wood panelled wall with the delicious Dulux Blue Ink (I haven't actually eaten it, but it fills my eyes with happy thoughts). In May this year, I added a few 'finishing touches' in the white ikea bins and some new-old art.

The panelled wall itch has hit me again, and I've finally given in to the aching need to paint the hideous tiles on the wall. I toyed with a few colours on photoshop (you'll see I was also toying with painting the bookcases… that itch just won't leave). Note that the old select-and-paint trick in photoshop doesn't provide a whole lotta realism to the photos, but does give a basic idea of colour.

Now for the big question: Which colour do you think I chose?

Answer: Not a single one.

Turns out it's a teensy-bit difficult to find heat-resistant paint that doesn't come in 'Pot Belly Black".

The only paint available that was heat resistant and could be used right behind (and on the sides of) the combustion heater was by White Knight, and it only comes in Pot Belly Black.

Here's another lesson in paint hunting. There is no such thing in Bunnings world (or anywhere online, that I could find) that a heat-resistant tile paint exists. It's either tile paint or heat resistant. No deuce.

I took the risk on the tiles of using the heat resistant paint, figuring even if it didn't hold to the tile, I wouldn't be facing a safety risk that might come with paint that isn't heat resistant!

All it took was two light, even coats of paint on the wall tiles as well as the tiles on the sides of the heater itself. It was far quicker and had a smoother finish to paint along the grout first, and then paint over the tiles.

Here's what it's looking like now:

And so you don't have to scroll all the way to the start of this post, here's a little 'before' pic:

Now that this part is done, I've made the final call:

Dude. Billy is getting a paint job.

Look out for the next post where I go postal on those bookcases with my beloved Dulux Blue Ink.

Have you been up to any holiday projects this silly season?

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