Thursday, 9 January 2014

free printable charts for your new years resolutions!

In my last post I shared my 2014 resolutions and admitted that I am a true resolution-nerd. Here comes more nerdy shame. I made a chart for each of my resolutions and pinned them above my desk. The plan is to cross off my achievements at the end of each day. 

My charts are in the same vein as Gretchen Rubin discussed in The Happiness Project. Like Gretchen, gold stars, even self-given, is an essential part of my ongoing motivation.  

As mentioned in my last post, a core part of my 2014 resolutions is in the numbers. This year I'm all about committing to each resolution a number of times throughout the year, in a bid to create new habits (like 220 Days at the Gym and 100 Consecutive Days of Meditation). 

Below are a bunch of free charts you can use for your own resolutions. They are all in PNG format, because I'm still struggling with the embedding-PDF-thing. Print it in the same way you would any other picture file. I printed mine on A3 paper but one of my mates did them in A4, and that worked fine too.  

It's not too late to set your goals for 2014 and I'm dying to know what they are!

PS…. I mentioned a new blog 'look' in this post, before the new year, and yes, you can consider these print out's a major hint of the new look! 

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