Wednesday, 20 November 2013

retaining wall update…. slow and steady wins the race

Dude. If I'd known how long it would take us to finish these damn retaining walls I would have waited six months before I mentioned them online.

Talk about a drag. It's also why I haven't posted much in the last few months. Time on the walls is time away from the keyboard.

Speed aside, we're making progress. We've finished building the wall along the side of the garage. All that's left is a second coat of paint and to fill the giant hole behind the wall with soil so we can pave it (with bricks we've got lying around- we're all about reusing what we've got). It goes for about 10 metres, but there's no easy way to photograph it, so I'll wait until we've paved to attempt any further photos!

More exciting is the progress made in the backyard. We've moved the wall forward about a foot and a half to make a bench seat that runs along the original wall. I can not wait for the backyard to be finished, as it'll be great for entertaining.

Our goal is for this project to be finished by the end of this year (including painting). It's difficult to build a retaining wall while your fingers and toes are crossed, but we are doing just that. We decided to put all our veggie gardening on hold while we finished this project, and I'm aching for some home grown summer spinach!

Any projects at happening in your neck of the woods? 

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