Tuesday, 2 July 2013

badly located trees? B.A.M.

This post is going to be unbelievably underwhelming for anyone other than myself and Kym. So, everyone. Why? I forgot to take a 'before photo'. As such, the 'after' photo, not so interesting. 

As you'll know from previous posts, Kym and I have been talking for some time about removing a few badly located trees in order to make way for our new retaining walls and stop rodents from getting into our roof cavity! 

We had quotes from four local arborists, with three around the same price. We decided on The Hills Arborist because when they came to do the quote, they asked us to check with our local council to see if the tree blocking the front retaining wall was on our or their land. This showed me attention to detail, customer care and a willingness to give up some extra money to do the right thing. 

In an awesome turn of events, they were right to tell us about their hunch. The tree was in fact on Council land, and within a week of making the enquiry, Council had the tree removed, saving some serious mula! Thank you, Hills Arborist and thank you, Council, for doing the job so quickly! 

And here it comes, the underwhelming 'after' photo (which, FYI provides pure excitement for myself and Kym). Prepare to be amazed (or not, if cleared grounds aren't your thing).  

Anyhoo, if you're looking for an arborist, I can highly recommend this one. Oh, and watch this space for a new retaining wall! 

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