Saturday, 29 June 2013

sample pots have changed my life

As we continue to build our retaining walls, I'm now planning the upcoming paint job. I'm generally a "leave wood in it's most natural form" kinda girl, but dislike the slight green tinge of the Permapine.

I've never bought a sample pot before but for such a big job, I thought it might be a good idea. I bought a sample pot of paint and two brushes for $12.70 at Bunnings. If I'd known how cheap it would be, I might have done this for previous projects too!

I first tried Colourbond Woodland Grey and painted about a half metre square on our old retaining wall, as well as a couple of other spots to see if I liked it. I am so glad I got a sample pot because... Get this: I decided I didn't actually like Woodland Grey after all. In bright sunlight it looked silvery-grey, like un-dyed hair (which there's nothing wrong with on a dignified head, but not so great on a retaining wall). Here's Woodland Grey on an overcast day:

I headed back to Bunnings and got another pot, this time in a darker and slightly muddier grey, called Namadji.

I loved it. The 'dirtier' look worked much better with the colour of our house, and fits the suburb we live in better. Also, I like the name Namadji. It reminds me of Jumanji. And that was a cool movie when I was a kid.

So... No spoil alerts here, you'll have to wait to see how Namadji turns out another day!

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