Wednesday, 1 May 2013

grow write guild: describe your garden right now

Our garden was well established when we moved in, but some of those 'established' plants are now aged and weary. The garden waits for a new lease on life, for new plants and new beginnings, but this is all on hold until we start finish putting up new retaining walls.

Where some parts of the garden represent achievement and change, like the vegetable plots, fruit trees and chicken run, other parts are bare, dormant until their time comes.

Our garden is greening up with the coming of winter, which I suspect is a bizarre concept to those in the northern hemisphere. Our summers are hot and dry, our plants struggle and leaves turn brown. Autumn has brought a few heavy showers and cooler days, giving the plants time for healing as they remind me of nature's amazing resilience. 

The cooler weather also brings weeds. From our front door I see sour sobs attempting to make their mark. I see leaves shedding from the deciduous trees and new growth on native shrubs. Autumn is like that. 

My little gardener heart jumps a beat or two every time I see new growth on the plants we've added to this grown-up garden, and I look forward to caring for it in a big way through building it new retaining walls. I hope that with new structures and plantings the garden will have a greater representation of us. 

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  1. My grandparents were avid gardeners in the midwest and when they moved to the southwest they could never get used to reversing their seasons so their veg shriveled and died every summer.

    1. That must have been so frustrating! I'm learning how important time is to getting to know your garden and local climate to get the garden 'right'. My grandfather grew tomatoes in pots right up until he moved to a nursing home- I'll never forget the taste of his home grown tomatoes!

  2. I'm loving autumn this year. My herbs and cottage garden have taken off with a new exuberance. The cool nights, gentle warm sunny days and showers have given my roses a new lease on life. The autumn tones of my glory vine make me smile as I enjoy a relaxing sigh and cuppa. (Mmmm ... sign)Can you feel that warm fuzzy feeling your garden can give you!

    1. LOVE it! It's great that we're getting some nice rain this autumn and a few nice days to enjoy the garden. It helps too when you have the plants you love :)


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