Friday, 1 February 2013

diy garage makeover + the shame of 'before' photos

Yet more embarrassing 'before' photos. This time, the garage. Not even room for a toy car in there. Time for 'Operation Reclaim the Garage' is officially underway. Here's the list of jobs ahead of me: 
  1. Send the two large wardrobes to the Salvos (cheat: I did this before our recent holiday)
  2. Organise tools and give all 'doubles' and 'triples' to the Salvos (we have about three sets of tools from those passed down to us from family) 
  3. Put a pegboard up on the wall to store the smaller tools
  4. Find a suitable place for the bureau inside the house (it's taking up all kinds of room in the garage and isn't being used to store anything) 
  5. Organise hard rubbish collection with our local council (we desperately need a junk collection session sooooooooon for that stained carpet and disassembled furniture!) 
  6. Implement a new garage storage system... shallow, open shelving is my preferred option for tools that can't hang on the pegboard (e.g. sander, drills, plant pots). 
  7. Take all the bottles/cans to the recycling depot
There are also a few other projects hiding in the garage that I'll need to do to finish clearing out the garage... Goodness, Kate... 
  1. Repaint the blue chair and find a new home for it in the house (likely in the guest/spare room) 
  2. Reupholster the two 30's wing back chairs 
  3. Fix and/or sell our third bicycle (which Kym won in a competition) and Kym's pretty but out-of-order motorbike
  4. Finish sanding and reupholstering the dining chairs (I think I'll build a bench seat with a few of the chairs #watchthisspace)
 For now, feel better about yourself and check out these awful before photos (here's to getting onto those 'after' photos stat!).

What's your next project? Any 'shame photos' you can share to make me feel a little less alone?

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