Wednesday, 30 January 2013

new film on climate change needs your help!

2 Degrees shares two of the major struggles in the fight against climate change: deforestation and green energy. One of the features is on the streets of our very own Port Augusta, where locals are fighting for an opportunity to replace their aging coal fired power stations with wind power and new solar thermal energy. 

2 Degrees rests on the premise that if we don't prevent our earth from rising in temperature from rising more than 2 degrees (we're already at a 0.8 degree man-made rise, and can expect it to reach 1.5 by the damage we've already done), then we'll find it almost impossible to stop it. 

Featured interviewees include outspoken journalist George Monbiot, leading climate scientist Kevin Anderson, author Clive Hamilton among others. A film provides a pathway for understanding issues, and provokes dialogue. We can be inspired and guided by others…

2 degrees promises to be The Inconvenient Truth of 2013, but following the GFC, philanthropic funds have dried up. Green Turtle Films have initiated a crowd funding campaign to cover the costs to finish the documentary and get it into the public's hands to mobilise change from the ground up. 

Every dollar counts. 

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