Friday, 11 January 2013

before + after: young house love inspired window shade

Inspired by the talented and lovely Sherry & John of Young House Love (my-upmost-favouritist-bloggers-ever-full-stop-no-returns-the-whole-world) with their 15 minute diy bathroom blind, I've finally made a blind for the wine cellar laundry.

My blind took a little more than the 15 minutes of John & Sherry's, but that's because I did some sewing & sawing to get the materials just right. Aside from the extra sewing/sawing time, I followed John & Sherry's basic instructions. Easiest. Blind. Ever.

It's a very basic blind that is intended to stay down all the time to help maintain constant temperature in the room for our lovely wine.

The Cost?

  • Fabric $3 (Salvos) 
  • Staples 8c (for about 10 staples from a 1000 pack for $8!) 
  • Nails FREE (thanks, grandparents!) 
  • Wood FREE (thanks, previous homeowners!)
  • Thread FREE (thanks, parents!) 

Total: $3.08!!


Now to clean that sink #embarrassedmuch


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