Tuesday, 27 November 2012

tuesdays kitchen: beef rendang

Kym's favourite dish to make in the Thermomix is beef rendang. The recipe we use is in the Everyday Cookbook which comes with the machine, and it is superb. Even as vegetarian who doesn't eat meat, and rarely likes the smell of it, this is one recipe that gets me excited to share a home with a fellow foodie! I just love the smell of Indian curries cooking, don't you? All I smell through the house is spice, spice, spice!

What's that I hear? Are you Googling beef rendang recipes? No judgment coming from us.


  1. seriously!! yum! adding to my 'things kate and kym' need to cook when i come over list hehe

    1. Well, lucky for you Kym loves to cook meat dishes for people (because I never eat his meat dishes so can't appreciate them!)


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