Friday, 23 November 2012

blogs that bring me life

Today I'm sharing a few blogs I follow that remind me to look after myself. These are blogs that remind me to breathe, stop and look around, appreciate what I have, and go on, knowing that I am pursuing a life that fits with my values. 

Zen Habits teaches me to breathe and embrace simplicity.

The Holistic Health and Wellness Project encourages and stirs me on to create a lifestyle that works for my body.

SouleMama takes me to that dream place, where I hope to one day be, surrounded by nature and whimsy.

A Cup of Jo reminds me that as much as there is a nature-goddess living in me, there is also a girly-girl wanting to paint her nails, drink a real hot chocolate and embrace the urban in a pretty little skirt, and that it's ok to want two completely opposite things at the same time.

There are so many parts of me that need to be well and I'm grateful there are others trekking the path before me to guide the way.

How about you... Do you consider any bloggers your personal guides? Who are they & why?

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