Wednesday, 14 November 2012

diy flat pack christmas tree

I'm soooo excited to tell you that.... 

I've finally finished my diy "flat pack" Christmas tree! After seeing a few flutter around the interwebs, I decided to try making one myself. It's one of my favourite diy projects so far. 


  • Designing (dimensions, materials, "mock" tree made of paper to ensure "slotting" will work)
  • Making (drawing up design on four MDF boards, cutting out design with jigsaw - yes, by hand)
  • Painting (3 coats of aerosol paint each side of boards)
  • Adoring (covering in ornaments (I'll make some new ones over the next year that will better match the tree) and staring at it while pretending to watch tv and listen to others in conversations)

I've actually got another design that is ready to be cut by laser cut specialists (instead of me doing it myself every single time) so if you're in little adelaide and interested in getting one for yourself, shoot me an email to

May your Christmas season be MERRY!!


thanks for your comments, I love to hear from you!


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