Thursday, 4 October 2012

to pave or to bed, that is the question

I need your opinion. I'm considering if I should pave under the clothes line or plant grass under it instead. If I do pave (which I'm leaning toward, because it will mean I can hang clothes on the line without my feet getting wet), I'm not really sure what pattern I'd like, or how much of the area I want to pave!

Sooooo many questions, let's drink some tea before we decide....

Here's a pic of the area as it stands now (which is not great... note that the table and chairs need to be moved into the front yard, but were too heavy for me to carry out of the way on my own!!).

Here's the small pile of pavers we have left from the patio and backyard (that said, there are also many holding up our retaining wall. If I fixed said retaining wall, those pavers would also become available).

And... Here's the pattern of the pavers throughout the patio and backyard to give you an idea of context (apologies for the lack of colour in the photo... not sure what I did there...)

I obviously would prefer to reuse what we already have, however, I'm not sure that we even have enough pavers to make a dent in the job! I'm also wondering if I could pave some "stepping stones" leading up to the clothes line, and plant grass around the rest... Or I could use some reclaimed wood we have lying around... Bah! This is just as difficult as ordering at Subway.  So many options!

Note that I'm not willing to spend much money on a job that is solely to keep my feet dry.

What look would you go for? All paved, not at all or somewhere in between? Would you use the remaining pavers or search for something else all together? Would you perhaps use scraps of wood instead? Would you keep it natural and plant grass? 

Ok, I'm ready for your opinions, hit me with them!

Kate xx

PS I hope you don't mind that I never "fear tidy/clean" for you? I'm assuming that because we're all friends this is ok? Either way, please know that you can send unedited and untidy garden photos my way any time! 

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