Wednesday, 31 October 2012

hitting the sand for dining

I've decided it's time to revamp our dining setting, which was the very setting I sat at throughout my childhood. I'm big on nostalgia and keeping items for as long as they're useful, but this dining setting has seen better days. The colour in the pics below are a little off, but you should get the drift... Classic yellowy-stained pine, with plenty of knocks and chips and grime build up...

So far I've pulled the chairs apart and stripped them of the upholstery, which due to the age of the fabric and padding, had started disintegrating! I'm now mid-way through sanding the varnish from the chairs, and am psyching myself up for sanding down the table. I'll keep reporting as I make progress.

Seen any good DIY blogs lately? I'd love to peruse them!

Kate xx

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