Tuesday, 28 August 2012

human rights meditations: week 28

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Welcome to Week 28 of Human Rights Meditations. Each week we’re looking at an Article in the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Learn more about the series here. This series is way more about the time that you spend reflecting, and engaging in the discussion via comments below & twitter (hash tag #hrmlak) than it is about me talking, so get ready to think!

This week we’re looking at Article 28 of the UDHR.

Article 28: Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized.

Read over the article above a few times and let it sink in. As you reflect, consider the following:
·          What's the first picture that came to your mind?
·          How did you respond to what you read?
·          Reflect how you feel about yourself in comparison to others.
·          Reflect on how you perceive others in your world. 
·          Reflect on your understanding of global issues.

Write the article down and stick it somewhere where you know you'll see it throughout the week. This will prompt you to keep the thinking going! Alternatively, write down something that has stood out to you throughout this meditation.  

Now, get talking! Let's talk openly about our thoughts on each article, what we're learning about ourselves and some of the actions we're taking to live more in line with the Declaration. Don't forget that as well as chatting via the comments below, you can get talking via twitter by including this tag: #hrmlak

I'll go first: 

  • I'm thinking democracy vs monarchy vs parliaments vs republics vs dictatorships vs elections...... I'm feeling blessed that I live in a country that has a much fairer social and political order than others, but I still think we have a way to go! 
  • The concept of citizenship also comes to mind- we have lots of discussions about this concept at work, because part of my job is about promoting active participation in local decision making and in community activities. This article reminds me that it is a right and a responsibility to ensure we are a part of (and promote for others to be a part of) a fair social and political order so that active citizenship can happen- our right isn't just for the process to happen around us, it is for a fair process in which we are represented and considered equally to others. 

Kate xx

PS Thanks to Troy at Strong Odors for supporting this series and sharing his print. You can check out more of Troy's work via his etsy shop

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