Wednesday, 18 July 2012

wedding wednesday: the cake

Wedding Wednesday is BACK (after a semi-hiatus on my part) to talk about how we maintained our values and our us-ness at our big day. Today, the cake:

As Kym and I are huge cheese fans, we opted for a "cheese round wedding cake" rather than a traditional sweet cake for the wedding. The lovely Anna made it for us, using all local produce (important to both her and us)- local cheeses, locally grown grapes, locally made quince paste and flowers from her own garden. We wanted to keep our "wedding miles" down as much as possible (after buying Kym's suit online we were especially conscious of this).

Just quietly.... SHE DID AN AMAZING JOB!!! The cake was visually stunning, delicious and showcased the amazing local produce we have in South Australia. 

We had the cake-cutting straight after the wedding ceremony, and it was the first food item for the reception. We figured seeing as the cake cutting is about celebrating the first meal together as a married couple, we wanted it to be the first thing we ate with our guests. 

What type of cake did you/would you have for your wedding?

Kate xxx


  1. LIP SMACKING! "Cheeese Grommit!!" What a great idea! We had a cointreau mud cake from "How Sweet It Is", 3 tiers with a cascade of Autunm leaves (sticking with our seasonal theme). It was tastier on our 1st Anniversary.


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