Monday, 23 July 2012

i made this rug

Yes I did. I totally made this rug, with 1x giant crochet hook (19mm), 3x large mustard curtains, 1x pair of sharp scissors and 1,000,000x hours in front of the TV.

After scouring the web and finding a few cute DIY's (which I pinned so I wouldn't forget),  I spent $60 on fabric and $10-ish (lost the receipt but I think that's what it was) on a new crochet hook, total of $70, which is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY cheaper than all the rugs I'd been looking at online and in local stores (by a few hundred dollars). 

I'm super proud, and my lovely friends are being very patient with my bragging ("Yes, Kate, I've seen the rug... Yes, you did a great job.... You should be proud... Well done" etc etc etc), which I thank them for, because I'm starting to sound like a broken record ("Would you like a cup of tea have you seen my rug?")

Pride aside (rhyme intended), it's a good example of a way that thinking creatively about how and what you consume can save you a wad of cash and add a personal touch to the home. Hooray for thrifting and upcycling and all things nice!

What have you been up to lately home/craft-wise? Do you share it on a blog or another social media website like Pinterest or Tumbler? Share your stories and links here!!!

Kate xxx


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    1. Thanks! I am sooo sooo sooo proud! I keep walking over it, loving on it.


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