Monday, 23 July 2012

before & after: introducing the loveliest meat safe ever

Remember how (over a year ago) I inherited the most lovely of meat safes, that just needed a bit of love? 

Well... The magic has finally happened and I am ready to show you my new-favourite-kitchen-thing. Here's how it went: After a few hours of sanding the darn thing by hand, a lovely friend, with friends in high, sand-blasting places, organised for the safe to be sand blasted so that I didn't have to rock another long weekend of sanding by hand. While I was happy to pay, I was stoked when she said they didn't charge her anything! Booyah! When I got the meat safe back, I simply had to treat it so it didn't re-rust, then get to painting. I then placed it in the kitchen and filled it with spices. YUM. 

I spent a total of $38.25, including paint brush, rust converter, primer & a can of aerosol paint.

Here's the finished product:

What do you think? Are you a meat-safe-convert? Do you have a similar project you've been working on?

Kate xx


  1. Love Love Love! where did you originally get the meat safe from? x

    1. It was my great grandfathers! I love that it has a family history :)

  2. It looks awesome! Well done!
    Project 1003948754973 complete! xx

    1. He hee, just 99999999999999999 to go... ;)


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