Monday, 2 April 2012

autumn plantings: citrus here, citrus there

Our front garden makeover continues! I talked about the plan here, and worked on some of the edging here and now we're up to the fun part... Planting!

With a small variation on the garden plan, we've planted three dwarft citrus trees on the right hand side of the front yard (near the peach tree). Here's what it looked like when I last updated you:

To prepare the soil, I dug three 30cm deep by 1 metre wide holes and mixed our super sandy soil (which is perfect for citrus) in with some potting mix to add some planty goodness, and created shallow mounds for the trees to be planted in:

I planted those babies right in there and gave them a good watering. The advice we got from Perry's Fruit & Nut Nursery, where we bought them, was that simple. Also, for those wondering about what the nursery is like, I highly recommend it- great service and great prices- our trees were $39 each, which is pretty good for years of fruit! (Can't wait until our first fruiting season so we can find out how economical these babies are!)

Here's what we're looking at now:

With the Easter weekend ahead of us, we're hoping to get a bit more done in the front yard before the wedding (and winter). I'll keep you posted!


Kate xx


  1. fantastic! (blood orange, lah-di-dah, aren't we fancy!)


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