Friday, 30 March 2012

diy footrest: the scrap wood deluxe

Hi lovelies,

For about 18 months a while now  I've been using a stack of unused shelves as a footrest for my desk. Just in case you were wondering, yes, the small wooden door on the top is from the infamous tv cabinet:

Alas, NO MORE! I've been thinking about the easiest way to make a footrest for some time now, and finally, it hit me like a plank of wood from a broken bookshelf:

No really. What you're seeing is the bottom of a broken bookshelf. Now, you could go about such a project the hard way, or the little adelaide way. I went with the latter: I used our trusted jigsaw to halve it (length-wise) and hammered it together with some old nails all box-like. I then painted it with a bright aerosol number I had lying around. VOILA!

In case you're concerned, I'm not colour blind... I bought the chair on sale (it was significantly marked down) and at some point in the distant future I plan on recovering it with a colour that suits the office a little better (think autumn leaves). I do, however, apologise about the cobweb. My bad.

What have you made out of nothing lately? I'd love to hear from you!




  1. Have you read the book The Crafty Minx? It's a craft book suggesting ways that you can 'upcycle' old things to new things- very cool! I haven't written a post about it yet however I redid a very cool table using a mixture of chairs and painted them white- looks very cool. When I get around to writing the blog post I'll let you know- it really did prove to me that a bit of paint and some love can make old things look just as good if not better than something new :-)


    1. I HAVE!!! Such an amazing, inspiring book! Let me know when the post is up... I'm always keen to hear what other's are doing (and have my own set of dining chairs that will need some love asap)

  2. I finally wrote the post- check out my table, I love it!


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