Monday, 12 March 2012

work in progress

Last weekend a very good friend and I started stripping the above winged chair in a bid to save myself $2000 (I have 2 of them and they'd cost about $1000 each to be reupholstered professionally) and learn some new upholstery skills. This is the only photo... I haven't made any progress since this was taken (about 10 days ago), however I'm hoping that with your encouragement (and with the accountability of publishing on the blog!) this will be one of those projects I actually finish! I'm currently reading through a bunch of books and how to's on some great DIY websites. 

Any tips? 


  1. I should send you a photo of our chair... We have one that looks almost exactly the same. And it has been that way for over a year! We have been into Warwick fabrics a few times but can't decide on a fabric to upholster it in. We have 2 matching chairs too but one has remained covered in its scummy old mustard-coloured fabric so it is at least still useable until we get our butts into gear!

    1. Ha that's great! Neither of our chairs are able to be used, and while I haven't touched the chair since before this post my hope is that seeing it from my kitchen sink every. single. day. will inspire me!


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