Wednesday, 1 February 2012

wedding wednesday: keeping it simple- 3 wedding cuts we made

It's been a while since I've updated you on our upcoming nuptials (in May this year!), and I'm back for a quick one to share a few of our non-plans. I'm calling them non-plans because what I'm about to share is really what we've decided not to do for the wedding. Kym and I are keen to keep it super simple and relaxed and we have decided to cut out a bunch of things partly because we can't stand wasting money, but mostly because we just can't see the reason to spend or worry about things that aren't all that important to us. We'd rather worry about the things that we do find important, like food.

So, what have we decided not to include?

  • Bridal Party: We're asking  our friends to handle different roles throughout the day to help it work (including a Feeder, to make sure we eat!), and because we're seeing each other before the wedding (more about this in another post) we're not having an aisle etc to walk down, so there's really no need for force my girlfriends into ill-fitting pastel. 
  • Bride's Flowers: Again, as I'm not walking down an aisle, there's no real reason to pay for these babies. The location we've chosen has an absolutely stunning view (you'll find out all about it after the wedding!) so there's no need to spend big on flowers.
  • Second Location: We're having the ceremony & reception at the same location to save on costs as well as to make it easier for us and our guests. 

Simplicity was a key when Kym and I were originally talking about the wedding, and it's something we are trying to remember as the day gets closer! It's easy to spend big and worry big about the day, and for us, having our "Keep it simple" mantra reminds us that the day isn't really about all the colourings but the vows we're making to one another. 

I'd like to hear from other brides + grooms + anyone who has ever been to a wedding about ways you've seen simple weddings done well, and what made them such a success. Post your comments below!

Kate xx


  1. love it! we tried to keep ours simple too, but somehow weddings have a tendency to snowball! stick it to the man kate, have the wedding that you want :)

    1. Thanks honey... It really is easy to let it get out of control... We're trying to stick to our guns!

  2. Sounds lovely! The best thing we did was keep our wedding simple.... We only had 30 people including us so there was no pressure to talk to a million people at the reception. There were a few things we had hoped for but didn't happen and we just didn't sweat it and that really kept the stress down. Also we had a bit of a vintage feel going and had it at a Victorian cottage bed and breakfast so the decorations were basically done for us.

    Happy planning!

    1. Sounds like a lovely day- we'll also be doing a bit of a vintage feel, which I think just adds to that whole relaxed nature of the day :)


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