Friday, 3 February 2012


I've been making nice with my sewing machine and putting together a free-hand quilt for the guest bedroom ("free-hand" is my nice way of saying "Argh we'll just see how she goes. No need for the plannin'"). My process so far has been
  1. Find all the scraps of material across the house
  2. Iron all the scraps of material (unfortunately this was a necessary step...)
  3. Attempt to arrange said scraps in some kind of attractive pattern
  4. Forget pre-planned pattern and start sewing material together in a nonchalant fashion
  5. Sew pretty (?) blue lines over the fabric in a Picasso inspired manner
That's about it so far. The next step is to find a plain, lightweight fabric that I like, which can form the rest of the quilt (this will make a panel, but not the whole quilt).

The wiser me says: "We'll see, dear grasshopper, we'll see."

What have you made from old material scraps?

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