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INTERVIEW with Marion Grasby @ + a sweet birthday competition

Prawn and Pork Spring Rolls via

Taste is Australia’s number one food & recipe website and it is celebrating its 5th birthday with a re-launch of the Taste Kitchen, and a fantastic 5th birthday competition – inviting members to celebrate with them for their chance to win some exciting prizes including a gourmet trip to Thailand for two, valued at $11,000. To enter the competition, simply share your favourite original recipe with Taste. You get one entry per person and you’ll need to include a photo (600px x 400px). You've got until the 30th of January. For more information on the competition, and to enter visit:

As part of the birthday celebrations Taste also welcomes MasterChef favourite, Marion Grasby to the Taste Kitchen as their resident chef. I've had the absolute pleasure of interviewing her as part of Taste’s 5th birthday celebrations! Keep reading to learn a bit more about Marion, her passion for cooking and her favourite places to buy fresh produce in little adelaide.

Marion's Kitchen
Check out Marion's kitchen here

You've joined the Taste team as the resident chef. What will that involve?
Taste has always been my first point of call for recipes, particularly when I've found some great produce at a local farmers market and want some ideas about what to do with it.  So I’m super excited to join the Taste team.  I have my own Taste Kitchen Club called ‘Marion’s Kitchen’.  You can check it out here. This is where anyone can read about my little foodie adventures, watch some of my travel/cooking videos and chat to me about all things food.

In a world where there are so many great places to eat out, why cook?
I find so much joy in cooking.  Food to me is not just something I put into my body for fuel.  My recipes tell a story about the places I've been and the people I've met along the way.  The way I cook tells a story about who I am in a way that simply listing my favourite restaurants could never possibly do.

Home Sweet Cherry Pie... Nom, nom, nom...

What are some of your favourite places to buy your produce in Adelaide?
I used to live in McLaren Vale in South Australia and my local farmers’ market was at Willunga on a Saturday morning.  I loved the people and producers I met there and now that I live in Sydney I very much miss my Saturday morning Willunga Farmers’ Market.  Other places for food inspiration for me were the Adelaide Central Market and a beautiful provedore called Bottega Rotolo in Norwood.

What advice would you give to someone with kitchen-fear?
Have no fear.  There are far worse things going on in the world than a failed soufflé or burnt pavlova.  Many people can’t even afford the simplest meal, so I think those of us who can, should never complain.  And anyway, pizza is only a phone call away!

Marion's Pak Boong (anyone else getting hungry?)

What are your favourite recipes on the Taste website?
I may be biased here…but I love my recipe for Pak Boong (stir-fried kang kong) because I cooked it in my mother’s village for my Uncle Siap.  You can watch the video here.
Finally, I’d love it if you could help me settle an ongoing debate... Is cooking art or science?
I believe it’s both.  Just about every cooking process (even simply slicing an apple) involves a chemical reaction and knowing a little about the science of cooking helps when I’m being creative in the kitchen.

Thanks to Marion, Taste & Morey Media for this interview! Readers don’t forget the birthday competition! Bring out your best recipes! 

PS... Competition for one of my prints is still running. Head right here for more info. 


  1. YAY for Willunga Farmers Market!
    I never thought of cooking as scientific so that's interesting! Cool interview.
    Unfortunately I don't have any original recipes (I think...) so don't think I would be in the comp but thanks for sharing I will share with some others :)

    1. So funny you say that... a friend said the opposite to me the other day! (I'm on the art side)

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