Friday, 13 January 2012

GIVEAWAY: original penny farthing lino print

Today's giveaway is from my very own shop, a product made with my paint covered hands. This lino print of a penny farthing is all about my own nostalgia of the old, slower life. It's in a yummy lime green and is 8 x 12 inches (perfect ikea frame sizing!).

Penny Fathing Lino Print Available via etsy
TO ENTER: Comment on this post and tell me something that gets you feeling warm & fuzzy & nostalgic
GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Friday 20 January 2012 at 8pm (UTC +930 hours)
PRIZE SHIPS: Anywhere in the world! International readers welcome.
CONDITIONS: One entry per email address (be sure to provide a way for me to contact you!). Winner will be selected at random and published as an update to this post in the morning the day after the giveaway closes. Head right back here on Saturday 21 January to find out who the winner is! 

Kate xx

Congratulation's Emily!! You've won the prize and were selected via Thanks to all who entered the comp, all of your comments definitely took me to my own places of nostalgia, thinking of warm summer nights with family and friends... Another comp to come soon!!! 


  1. I feel happy and nostalgic when I do anything that forces me to slow down and get a bit of perspective on the modern life we live: like gardening and remembering that veggies come from the earth not just from the supermarket shelves (and that they don't always look perfect!), or even making stuff from scratch that I would normally just buy. Makes me feel more in touch with way-back-then.

  2. I feel nostalgic right now - we're on my step mums new farm and there are old baths, laundry tubs, stoves, chairs everywhere! Time to get the camera out!

    I really really enjoy though going into the vintage shop Dresses and Drawers on Port Rd I could buy lots and lots of things there! So much history in a single item who owned it and when. Let your imagination run wild!

  3. Oooooh ladies you are taking me right back with you!

  4. I feel warm & fuzzy every time I go down to my Grandparent's beach house at Robe. It is full of my Grandfather's drawings, treasures found down on the beach, photos and his old boat. He passed away a number of years ago, but everytime I arrive - it's like getting a big ole' hug from Gramps.

    P.S. Love the lino x

    1. Awh I get the same way when I see photos of my grandmother. Lovely :)

  5. Emily Sherpa (on Facebook)19 January 2012 at 17:34

    Going camping in Robe last week with my husband and son, in a tent and all!
    As a child, we spent every summer holidays in a large canvas tent with two rooms in the Normanville Beachside Caravan Park (the one, back away from the centre of town, where you had to climb the sandhills to get to the beach). I remember it used to take my parents a few hours and many discussion to get that ten up. My husband put our nifty tent up in less than half an hour with the help of a mate (I dont want to get divorced just yet!!)
    As our two year old boy slept between my husband and I at night, I remembered all the nights my mum, dad, sister and I slept in close quarters on our blowup mattresses in our sleeping bags. My mum used to say that my dad and I would talk to each other in our sleep! I never realised how much effort went into organising those trips, and were my mum alive today, I would properly thank her for giving us such lovely holidays and memories...

    1. CONGRATS EMILY! You're our winner for the comp :) It sounds like camping played such an important role in your childhood, and has really impacted how you work your own family. I'll contact you via fb to organise mailing the prize! Enjoy!

    2. Thank you!! Yes, it has, and it was so nice to be able to write it all down too! Big thanks for the beautiful print :)

  6. Reminiscing with old friends :)

    1. So true... the things that you laugh about one year really do live on. They connect you even when your lives make it harder to see each other. x


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