Monday, 9 January 2012

before & after: rescued retaining wall

Just call me Mrs Fix It. You may remember seeing this eyesore in my last post. It's part of the retaining wall that we never fixed up when we moved in, uh, almost four years ago...

Kym and I have been watching our sandy, loam-less soil dribble onto our pavement for quite some time, sometimes arguing about how and when we'll fix it, at other times both pretending it wasn't there.

No more, my friends. No. More.

Introducing my sweet little fix-up, starring Unused Pavers and supported by Blood and Sweat. (No really, I cut my hands several times while I did this)

After shoveling away two wheelbarrows full of leaves and dirt, I went about stacking unused pavers from a pile sitting around the side of the house (left from previous owners). One day we'll have to redo the entire retaining wall, but until that bank-account-drying-up day comes, these babies will do the trick. As a cool little bonus, they hold the same colours as the existing wall, so blend in quite well. It almost looks as if it's always been there!

Want to contest me for the Mrs Fix It Award? Post your own projects in the comment box!

Kate xx

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