Saturday, 7 January 2012

before & after: from drawers to planters

How are you? I've been a busy little bee of late. I've got a number of garden projects to show you, starting with this very cheap dresser-drawer-to-garden-planter transformation.

A few weeks back a friend and I discovered an adorable vintage unit in front of a neighbours home. After getting the neighbours approval, we walked it down the road and knocked the baby up, removing the top layer of drawers so she could further transform it. When she drove away with her new beauty, I was left with these three drawers:

I figured that seeing as they were on their way out I'd try and make use of them outdoors. Here's what I did:

Follow this with some planty-planty of a range of succulent cuttings and VOILA!

I suspect that at some point I'll decide to do a bit of painting to brighten the babies up a bit, but for now I'm just glad to have all my succulent cuttings somewhere safe. I can't wait for them to grow enough to fill the pots completely!

Total Cost = $7
  • Drawers = free
  • Bricks & tiles to hold up the middle drawer = free (left by previous home owner)
  • Weed mat = $2 (half a metre- we already had a 25m roll that worked out to about $4 per metre)
  • Soil = $5 (half a 70 litre bag that was $10)
  • Succulents = free (via friends)
  • Leaf "mulch" = free (all over the garden!)

Time Spent = 2 hours (including tea breaks and consultation with Kym!)

What summer projects have you been crafting?

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